Mark Feldman
Mark Feldman

Head, Campion School

Mark Feldman has worked in education for thirty-five years. He has taught in a wide variety of school contexts in both London and the Midlands and became Headteacher of Campion School, Leamington Spa in 2008.

His career path has seen him teach and manage in a selective school, an inner-city comprehensive and two suburban comprehensive schools in addition to two years as a teaching and learning consultant.

In January 2012, Mark oversaw Campion’s transition to Academy status after its latest full Ofsted inspection when it was judged to be ’Good with Outstanding features’. Campion has performed very well in recent years; there have been substantial improvements in the students’ academic achievement and the school is rightly proud of its pupils’ impressive standards of behaviour and engagement. The catchment area has a relatively high proportion of disadvantaged students and the school makes it a priority to offer high quality enrichment activities. The Careers Lab pilot is an effective, supportive and welcome initiative for Campion pupils.