For better or worse, the millennial generation is one of the most disruptive forces the American workplace has ever experienced. While their influence extends across all facets of an organization, from HR to the board room, their impact has been most pronounced and profound in the IT sphere.


Today, many millennials are demanding to work differently, and CIOs are starting to respond with radically new policies and tools to change the way employees communicate, collaborate and integrate the social web into the business world.


This event will offer best-practice insights from organisations that are successfully re-engineering their approach to IT to empower their employees—while minimizing costs and risks.


Martin Giles, US Technology correspondent, The Economist


Paul Papadimitriou, Management consultant and digital futurist

Peter Greco, director, portfolio management, North America, Unify

Kevin Soohoo, Chief information officer, Air Systems, an EMCOR Company

Melanie Turek, Vice-president, research, Frost and Sullivan

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